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Grand Concert 2024

Join us for the finale of the 78th Annual Chatham Kiwanis Music Festival!

This year the Grand Concert will be on a MONDAY, April 29th at 7:00pm.

The trophy and award winners will be presented on stage under the direction of MC Chris McLeod. A total of 15 selected performances will feature this year’s talent in the Music Festival.

Everyday AI LIVE

Two weeks ago I attended a webinar with Kiwanis on the use of AI for the club. It turned out that it was not just about writing an article for the website of Facebook, but you can use it to explore fundraising opportunities, service projects and yes, create content including images.

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Results Musical Theatre

The results for Musical Theatre are ready.

30000Sydney Hart94
30020Mazzelyn Galbraith90
30020Vanessa Pisquem92
30020Lucas Babich90
30020Hannah Lethbridge91
30030Leah Jackson92
30030Juniper Dore89
30030Quinn Bertino91
30040Ainsley Gray91
30040Myrah Declerk89
30040Aden Babich90
30050Breya Blair87
30120Lucas Babich90
30120Mazzelyn Galbraith91
30120Hannah Lethbridge92
30120Vanessa Pisquem91
30130Juniper Dore88
30130Leah Jackson90
30140Ainsley Gray92
30140Myrah Declerk89
30150Breya Blair88
30330Aden Babich90
30340Rowen Chapple88
30410Mazzelyn Galbraith, Juniper Dore and Ireland Graham90
80520Odin Wiseman89
80630Josie Burr89