CKMF history

Details of former Chatham Kiwanis Music Festivals

2023Music Festival CommitteeJulia Collins & Sue LowtherApr 11Apr 21May 16
2022Music Festival CommitteeJulia Collins & Sue LowtherVIRTUALApr 26
2021Music Festival CommitteeGeorge ServiceVIRTUAL
2020Music Festival CommitteeGeorge ServiceCANCELLED
2019Music Festival CommitteeGeorge ServiceApr 1Apr 12Apr 30
2018Music Festival CommitteeGeorge ServiceApr 3Apr 12May 1
2017Music Festival CommitteeGeorge ServiceMar 27Apr 7Apr 25
2016Music Festival CommitteeChuck ScottApr 4Apr 15Apr 26
2015Music Festival CommitteeChuck ScottApr 7Apr 15Apr 28
2014Music Festival CommitteeChuck ScottMar 31Apr 11Apr 22
2013Music Festival CommitteeChuck ScottApr 2Apr 12Apr 23
2012Music Festival CommitteeChuck ScottApr 10Apr 19May 8
2011Music Festival CommitteeChuck ScottApr 4Apr 14May 6
2010Jim & Lois PepperChuck ScottApr 6Apr 16Apr 27
2009Jim & Lois PepperGordon ReynoldsMar 30Apr 7Apr 20
2008Jim & Lois PepperGordon ReynoldsMar 31Apr 10Apr 22
2007Jim & Lois PepperGordon ReynoldsMar 19Mar 30Apr 17
2006Jim & Lois PepperGordon ReynoldsMar 27Apr 7Apr 18
2005Jim & Lois PepperGordon ReynoldsMar 28Apr 8Apr 19
2004Jim & Lois Pepper, Janet BraddonGordon ReynoldsMar 22Apr 2Apr 13
2003Janet Braddon, Lynda RutherfordGordon ReynoldsMar 31Apr 11Apr 22
2002Janet Braddon, Lynda RutherfordGordon ReynoldsApr 1Apr 12Apr 23
2001Janet Braddon, Lynda RutherfordFrank BurgessMar 26Apr 6Apr 17
2000Lynda Rutherford, Janet BraddonFrank BurgessMar 27Apr 7Apr 18
1999Lynda RutherfordFrank BurgessApr 5Apr 16Apr 27
1998Lynda RutherfordFrank BurgessApr 13Apr 23May 12
1997Lynda RutherfordFrank BurgessApr 7Apr 18Apr 22
1996Lynda Rutherford, Janet Wake, Pat KorpanDarrel StewartApr 8Apr 19Apr 23
1995Lynda Rutherford, Janet Wake, Pat KorpanDarrel StewartMar 28Apr 7Apr 11
1994Janet Wake, Pat KorpanDarrel StewartApr 6Apr 15Apr 19
1993Janet Wake, Pat KorpanDarrel StewartApr 12Apr 17Apr 20
1992Janet Wake, Pat KorpanDarrel StewartMar 30Apr 4Apr 5
1991Janet Wake, Lynda RutherfordHugh ThomasApr 8Apr 13Apr 14
1990Janet Wake, Pat KorpanHugh ThomasMar 26Apr 6Apr 10
1989Jean Peck, Janet WakeHugh ThomasApr 3Apr 14Apr 14
1988Jean Peck, Janet WakeHugh ThomasApr 11Apr 22Apr 26
1987Jean PeckEric CoxMar30Apr 10Apr 14
1986Jean PeckHugh ThomasApr 7Apr 18Apr 27
1985Jean PeckRon CampbellFeb 11Feb 22Mar 3
1984Jean PeckRon CampbellFeb 13Feb 24Mar 4
1983Jean PeckRon CampbellFeb 14Feb 25Mar 6
1982Margaret Johnson, Jean PeckEd CooperFeb 15Feb 26Mar 7
1981Margaret Johnson, Jean PeckRon HendersonFeb 23Feb 27Mar 8
1980Margaret Johnson, Jean PeckJim RobinsonFeb 18Feb 22Mar 2
1979Margaret Johnson, Jean PeckKeith HendersonFeb 19Feb 23Mar 4
1978Margaret Johnson, Jean PeckD.E. BayntonFeb 20Feb 24Mar 4
1977Margaret JohnsonD.E. BayntonFeb 7Feb 11Feb 20
1976Margaret JohnsonGeorge RichardsFeb 23Feb 27Mar 7
1975Margaret JohnsonHugh ThomasFeb 24Feb 28Mar 9
1974Margaret JohnsonHugh ThomasFeb 25Mar 1Mar 10
1973Margaret JohnsonPatrick J. SmithFeb 26Mar 2Mar 3
1972Margaret JohnsonPatrick J. SmithFeb 28Mar 3Mar 4
1971Eileen RichardsDonald McGeorgeFeb 22Feb 27Feb 27
1970Eileen RichardsGordon AlexanderFeb 23Feb 28Feb 28
1969Eileen RichardsRussell OkeFeb 24Mar 1Mar 1
1968Eileen RichardsBill AlexanderFeb26Mar 2Mar 2
1967Eileen RichardsW.R. (Bill) GarnetFeb 27Mar 4Mar 4
1966Eileen RichardsE.M. (Ted) JonesFeb 28Mar 5Mar 5
1965Eileen RichardsJ.A. (Archie) VerrallMar 1Mar 6
1964Eileen RichardsW.G. (Sam) BurtonMar 9Mar 13
1963Eileen RichardsW.G. (Sam) BurtonFeb25Mar 1
1962Eileen RichardsWilliam S. AntliffMar 5Mar 9
1961Eileen RichardsWilliam S. AntliffMar 6Mar 10
1960Urenah NesbiltSyd KemsleyFeb 29Mar 4
1959Urenah NesbiltSyd KemsleyMar 2Mar 6
1958Norah IngramW. Lyle AlexanderMar 3Mar 7
1957Della Huff CampbellW. Lyle AlexanderMar 4Mar 8
1956Della Huff CampbellElmer JohnstonMar 8Mar 16
1955Della Huff CampbellJohn G. StephenApr26May 6
1954Della Huff CampbellJohn G. StephenMar 1Mar 5
1953Norah IngramHarold V. Mounteer
1952Mrs. H.E.M. NesbittHarold V. MounteerMar 3Mar 7
1951Mrs. H.E.M. NesbittR.J. MillichampMar 1Mar 10
1950Norah IngramR.J. MillichampMay 8Mar 12
1949Norah IngramW. Lyle AlexanderMar 28Apr 1
1948Mrs. H.E.M. NesbittW. Lyle AlexanderApr 26Apr 30
1947Norah IngramC.R. GallApr 22Apr 25
1946Dr. H.A. TanserC.R. GallApr 23Apr 25
1945Dr. H.A. TanserC.R. GallMay 24

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