Chatham Kiwanis Music Festival

This season we will do the Registrations with the help of Music Festival Suite (MFS). In order to register for the Festival you will have to create an account (profile) first. This will result in a “profile ID”. Also, you will need the profile ID of your teacher, instead of their full names, email addresses etc. Please check out our “cheat sheets” to guide you through the process of creating accounts/profiles and registering for the Festival.

Start your registrations here:

If you still need help, you may want to check the complete manual. If you get stuck, submit a Support Ticket or send a note to


Below are the links to recent posts on the Music Festival:

Don’t get left behind (11/14/2022) - Only 2 weeks until the deadline to register for the Chatham Kiwanis Music Festival. Have you created your profile yet? You’ll need it when you’ll register for your classes! Register at Need help? Check out Post... Read More
New piano class added (11/11/2022) - We have added a piano class to accommodate an adult competitor to play in grade 4, graded piano. The class number is 46775. Requests for additional classes can still be submitted to until November 15th. Post to be... Read More
Christopher Norton (10/27/2022) - We recently received a question about the piano music of Christopher Norton: “Are his pieces will still be categorized as post romantic and not Canadian?” We learned that Christopher Norton can now be considered Canadian so please choose... Read More
Adjudicators CKMF 2023 (10/12/2022) - The adjudicators for our 2023 Chatham Kiwanis Music Festival have been confirmed.
The Syllabus 2023 is Available (10/4/2022) - The PDF version for the 2023 Chatham Kiwanis Music Festival syllabus is available for download here: CKMF Syllabus 2023. Please note that as of this year we will conduct the administration of the Festival with the help of... Read More
Introducing MFS (9/4/2022) - For the new season our Committee has chosen for a new and more secure system for the administration of our festival. This system is called Music Festival Suite (MFS) and has been used by many festivals in Canada.... Read More
CKMF schedule 2023 (9/1/2022) - Placeholder for the Program 2023.

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  1. Please note change of address for us:
    Bob & Cathy Telfer
    610-570 Park Ave W
    Chatham ON N7M 0T6

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