Cheat Sheets to Register

The Music Festival Suite uses “Profiles” to identify the different individuals working with this festival. Each student, their parent(s) and their teacher(s) need to have an account or profile set up before you can register for a class.

Below you’ll find different scenarios and quick how-to guides.

Teachers and parents create profiles first
  1. Goto to “Create a New Profile”
  2. On the right hand side of the screen check all the boxes that apply to you and hit “Proceed”
  1. The site will take you to a form. Fill out the form and hit “Continue”. Note: all boxes with red * need to be filled out (the * is quite small)!
  2. Your information will be checked. Please correct any mistakes and hit “Create”.
  3. The next step is “2FA Profile Confirmation” (two-factor authentication), to confirm your identity. Use your mobile phone OR your email address. If you use your phone you’ll get a text with a number that you’ll have to enter. If you use your email address, you’ll receive an email with a link that you’ll have to click to prove that this is indeed your email address.
  4. You can now login to the site with your email address OR your newly created profile ID and your password.
  5. Teachers: please share your profile ID with your students or their parents/guardians so they can add that to their accounts.
Parents create their children's profiles
  1. When a parent logs in for the first time, they will need to give or deny a photo consent. This will apply automatically to their children.
  1. After logging in you’ll see the screen with your profile. You can make any changes here by clicking “Edit Profile”.
  2. Find the “Menu” button.
  1. Click on “Linked Profiles”
  2. Click on “Create a New Child Festival Profile”
  3. You will now see a similar screen as when you created a profile for yourself. A number of boxes is already filled out, but you can change the contents if you like.
  4. Note: the email – password combination needs to be unique. So, if you use the same email address for your child as your own, you will need a different password for your child. If your child has their own email address then the password can be the same.
  5. At the bottom of this page you’ll see the box for teacher ID’s. This is all you’ll need to identify your child’s teacher, no name, email address! You will need this teacher ID. Note: there is also a box where you can add a co-parent or guardian.
  1. Click “Apply for Profile” and the system will check. If all is good you can click “Create Profile” to finalize.
  2. The next screen will tell you that a “Temporary Profile is Created” and a “Return to Linked Profiles” button appears. Click on it.
  3. You will see a large blue box with “Unconfirmed New Profiles”. Click on it.
  4. You will now see the name of your child. Click on the name and a “Confirm Profile” button will appear. Click on this button and the profile is created.
  5. You may repeat this step for additional children.
Can a student create their own profile?
  1. A student over the age of 18 years old can make his own profile. The process is the same as for parents or teachers, just check the correct box (“Entrant”)
  2. An underage student can create their own profile only if the parent(s) or guardian(s) made one already of their own. The student will need at least one profile ID of the parent(s) or guardian(s).
  3. A student will need the profile ID(‘s) of their teacher(s) to create their own profile. See also next question.

I don't have a teacher, can I register?

If you are a self-taught adult student, you would check both the boxes “Entrant” and “Entrant’s Teacher”. On your Profile page there will be checkbox “Self-Taught” which you’ll need to check. The teacher ID will be the same as your Entrant ID.

I created a profile with OMFA, can I use that?

YES! You can link your profile with other music festivals that use Music Festival Suite as well. If you registered with OMFA in 2022, you can export your profile from there and add it here. How?

A person can log into their profile with any other festival, OMFA. Once they do, they access their “Linked Profiles” section of their menu. In that space there should be a large “Export Profile to Other Festivals”.

Note: for Entrants, their parents and teachers must export their profiles first, then they can export their own.

Their IDs may be different from festival to festival, but their login credentials of email and password will work for any festival they are linked to.

Additionally, once exported, they will be able to switch between festivals by going into the Linked Profiles screen and examining the Profiles in Other Festivals section for the Open Profile button for any given linked festival.

Parents registering their children for classes
  1. Login with your email address OR your profile ID and your password.
  2. After logging in you’ll see your own profile page.
  3. Click on the “Menu”, and click on the “Registrations”:
  1. On the new screen click on “Add a New Registration”. You will be presented with the rules of the Festival. Click on “I am Ready to Register” when you are.
  1. You can enter your class number in the “Search for Class Number” box, OR you can choose first your discipline, after which a list of sections will appear. Lastly a list of classes will show up. Please refer to our Syllabus for the classes and their specific rules, particularly as they refer to ages and grade levels.
  2. Depending on the class number you may have to choose the number of performers and number of pieces to be performed. In most cases these numbers will be predetermined.
  3. Choose your performer(s).
  4. In the following section you will be presented with expandable forms, watch for the little + signs on the right hand side!!
  1. Click on Performer(s) and you will see the person(s) you chose, but this section can be expanded as well. So click on the name and dropbox where you “Select One” of the linked teachers.
  2. Similarly under Piece(s), click on Piece 1 to reveal the details of that piece. NONE of the boxes can remain empty! If for instance you don’t know the arranger, type “None”. Don’t forget to give (an estimate of) the length of the performance in SECONDS.
  3. Lastly click on Final Details. Here you can indicate who is going to be charged for the fee. You may also add an accompanist ID which will help us with scheduling.
  4. Click “Submit Registration” and the system will check if all the necessary details have been entered. Make corrections if need be.
  5. Note: if the class refers to a choir or band, only a teacher will be able to make the registration. A representative of that group could identify themself as a teacher in their profile, and make the registration.
Children registering themselves for classes

The procedure is almost exactly the same as a parent would do it except you cannot choose a different performer.

Teachers registering their students for classes

As far as registering a child is concerned there is no difference in the procedure between a parent and a teacher, provided that the childs profile contains the parents ID as well as the teachers ID. So please refer to the section “Parents registering their children” above.

Teachers are able to register groups as well like choirs, bands, ensembles. In that case the group will have to create a profile ID. Please refer to the manual for more information.

Teachers can also register for duets, trios and quartets, as long as all the members have added that teacher ID to their profiles.

How to register for a duet, trio or quartet?

Individuals can be registered by themselves, by their parents or by their teachers. Groups or ensembles (choirs, bands) are treated as one entity and are registered by the teacher, or by a representative of that group.

Duets, trios and quartets form a special case. We want to be able to track the individual members of these very small groups. Each of them will have their own profile ID. Registrations for a class can only be done by someone who is linked to all the members, which in most cases will be the teacher. However, a parent could also register a duet of two siblings or other linked family members.

Paying the fees

A registration is not complete without paying the fees. During the registration process whoever enters the registration details, can indicate who will be charged. To know how much is owed and for which classes, log in first (if you are not already) and click “Account” under the Menu button.

Payments can be made online using a credit card.

Thank you. File uploaded.

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