1,920 breakfasts cooked!

On April 9, 2022, the Kiwanis Club of Chatham Kent completed our first breakfast kitchen commitment. This volunteer experience has been enjoyed by several members and as such, we now have a core group of volunteers who are able to support the various roles required which makes it a welcoming environment for new volunteers who may be intimidated at the thought of cooking breakfast for over 200 people.

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Each week we require 10 volunteers to fulfill the roles of cooking, food preparation, dish washing, and food distribution. We have been able to manage with as few as six volunteers when there has been unexpected illness, providing the volunteers are experienced to all roles.
• We have now completed 10 dates of the Saturday Breakfast Program, between April and December 2022. Our scheduled week is on a recurring four week cycle
• We have increased our servings from 185 to 210 breakfasts, in order to meet the demand. When we were cooking 185 breakfasts, we were consistently running out within an hour.
• We have provided 1,920 breakfast on the Saturdays we have cooked, from April through December, 2022

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