Bingo Committee

Chair: Kim Utley

Once trained at a Riverview Bingo training session our Kiwanis members participate in hosting Bingo sessions designated for the Kiwanis Club of Chatham-Kent with proceeds earned going to support Kiwanis projects in our community.

Chatham Kiwanis Music Festival

Chair: Julie Collins & Sue Lowther

Organizes and operates the Music Festival for vocal and instrumental students, bands and choirs to perform and be adjudicated with the opportunity to be recommended for participation at the provincial level. This is the club’s “Signature Project” (i.e. the project for which the club is best known in the community). The 2021 event was the 75th annual music festival. More info here:

Community Services

Chair: Immediate Past-President

Recommends and carries out service projects that address adult and/or family needs in the community.

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library (DPIL)

Chair: Chuck Scott / Antoon van der Reijden

Our Club is an affiliate with the Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library since December 2021. The committee promotes this initiative, organizes fundraising and takes care of the registration of the children. The program is open to all children in Chatham-Kent age 0 till 5. More info:

Finance / Fundraising

Chair: Mandy Smith-Grant

Makes recommendations on financial matters of the club and recommends and carries out fundraising events for service projects.

Financial Review

Reviews all financial statements and records of the Administrative Fund, Service Fund, Bingo Fund and Excursions Fund and provides a report on their findings to the Board.

Kiwanians Care

Chair: _________
Roberta Veroba (cards)

Carries out activities to support members and make them feel part of this Kiwanis family, especially in time of need, and promotes human and spiritual values that are inclusive of all faith groups.

Meetings & Programs

Arranges plans for meetings including programs, speakers or tours, coffee, meeting room set-up and take-down.

Membership, Growth and Retention

Chair: Jenn Paradis

Establishes effective ways to retain members and recruit new members. Accepts member applications and makes recommendations to the board re the applications. Arranges for induction ceremonies and conducts orientation sessions for new members. Plans interclubs to other Kiwanis clubs. Maintains member records. Kiwanians Care program: callers and visitors; rides; cards; greeters; moments of reflection.

Officers and Directors

The members who make up the club’s official board and include: President, President elect, Vice President, Secretary and Assistant Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer, 4 Directors (two serving 1st of two years and 2 serving 2nd of two years)

Safety/Risk Coordinator

Reviews insurance policies and ensures proper coverage is maintained for club activities. Monitors all aspects of club events to ensure they are carried out in a safe environment.

Service Leadership Programs (SLP)

Serves as club advisor and makes recommendations to the Board as to how the club can support the SLP Club activities.

Tree Planting

Chair: Jennifer Robinson

Every year we try to plant native trees in areas where particularly children can or will benefit from. Recently we have planted trees at schools and public areas.


Promotes the image of the club in the community through the media, social media and the website and keeps the membership informed of club activities, both future and past, through the website, bulletin and newsletter.

Young Children and Youth Services

Chatham Kiwanis Music Festival – Julie Collins & Sue Lowther
Chatham-Kent & Lambton Children’s Water Festival – Chuck Scott
Kiwanis Library Partnership – ______
KLP Reading Buddies – Lu-Ann Cowell
School Reading Buddies – ________
Matching Scholarships – Mary Alice Marchand, Dennis Myers, Derek Robertson, Lu-Ann Cowell, David Paradis, Antoon van der Reijden
Sleeping Children Around the World (SCAW) – ($ Support) Lyn Allison
Youth Protection (Police checks) – Kathy Watson
Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library – Chuck Scott, Marilyn Clauws, Hilkka Kuokkanen, Dick Roe, Antoon van der Reijden