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Make a donation in somebody's name and add a special message. Here is how.

Use of club email

When you are using a @chathamkiwanis.com or @chatham-kentkiwanis.com email address and are accessing the mail by visiting https://chathamkiwanis.com:2096/, you may be interested in some tips on Roundcube Webmail. Here is an excellent article prepared by our … Read the rest

How to access chathamkiwanis.com emails

You can access your chathamkiwanis.com (or chatham-kentkiwanis.com) email address directly through the server or you can add it to your Google email account.

1. Access through server

Point your browser to https://chathamkiwanis.com:2096/

Enter the complete chathamkiwanis.com email address in the

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Introducing MFS

For the new season our Committee has chosen for a new and more secure system for the administration of our festival. This system is called Music Festival Suite (MFS) and has been used by many festivals in … Read the rest