More results from OMFA

We posted the results from our Musical Theatre students earlier. Thanks to Pam Allen from OMFA, we can share here the Piano and Voice results from the students that participated in the Chatham Kiwanis Music Festival and … Read the rest

First results Provincials

The first results of the 2022 Provincial Virtual Competition are in. Congratulations to the participants that represented the Chatham Kiwanis Music Festival.

  • Open Musical Theatre: Jessica Chalmers 2nd
  • Advanced Musical Theatre: Jessica Chalmers 3rd
  • Senior Musical Theatre:
Read the rest

CKMF Winners 2022

Please find below the winners of the 76th Chatham Kiwanis Music Festival

Results Musical Theatre and School Choirs

Adjudicator Markus Howard finished his comments. Here are the results for Musical Theatre and School Choirs (you can also find them in the Program):
Class: 220 N – Jessica Chalmers: 1 (89)
Class: 221 N – Matthew Holdaway: 1 … Read the rest

Thank you. File uploaded.

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