Kiwanis Amplify

Everyone can identify a great leader. But what makes a leader great?

It takes education and training. That’s why you’re invited to participate in Kiwanis Amplify — an online leadership development program for those who want to amplify their skills to lead a team.

Participants will learn how to improve more than their Kiwanis club. They’ll gain skills to enhance careers, communities and the lives of adults and children everywhere.

Kiwanis Amplify is taught by 40 content-matter experts. Each course focuses on one of eight leadership topics, including communication, marketing and strategic planning.

The first module concentrates on leadership. We’ll explore the qualities of good leaders and identify the common traits of poor ones. Some leaders manage every aspect of a project. Others delegate to their team. We’ll dig into the styles that fit your personality and your team’s capabilities.  

You will be able to work through the topics at your own pace. A new module will be released every week. A discussion board on the online platform will allow you to share thoughts, ideas and implementation strategies. We’ll also have occasional Zoom discussions with the other participants so you can share ideas in real time.

Registration is open now through March 24.