Tree Planting

The Board agreed this morning that we would order trees from the LTVCA for 3 Chatham schools, the Scout’s Camp Cataraqui and the municipality. [content_control]We’ll provide 5 trees each (5-7 feet tall) for Victor Lauriston, Queen Elizabeth and St. Angela Merici  (St. Ursula’s was considered but since they’ll be moving to the new south Chatham school in the next couple of years we deferred that decision)[/content_control] When the trees arrive the LTVCA will deliver them to the schools, give a brief demonstration of planting and care and then students would work together on planting.  Trees and conservation will also be included in class curriculum. For Camp Cataraqui we’ll provide 100 seedlings to be planted around their grounds.  A few Kiwanians will be able to volunteer to help with this planting. The municipal trees will be planted in one of the Chatham parks. 

[content_control]We’ve allocated $500 from each of the Bingo and Service funds for this and will look for and be open to other funding sources as well.   Our expectation is that this will be the first step in a multi-year project.  Our Trees Committee will plan strategy and direction for our efforts over the next few years, so stay tuned.[/content_control]

 “Whose on the Trees Committee?”, you might ask. There’s a spot for you

Volunteering won’t mean you need to dig out your shovel. 

The critical part at this time is to investigate opportunities and possibilities and develop our plan for the next few years. Kathie Jordan is coordinating this effort across our Division with all clubs participating in their own communities.  And Ridgetown will also be making their own plans. 


P.S. Remember this old Chinese proverb:The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, but the second best time is now!