More results from OMFA

We posted the results from our Musical Theatre students earlier. Thanks to Pam Allen from OMFA, we can share here the Piano and Voice results from the students that participated in the Chatham Kiwanis Music Festival and competed in the Provincials (in alphabetic order of last name):

Olivia BoulleyHonourable mentionPiano Level 3 - Group B
Hannah ColeHonourable mentionVoice Diploma
Ethan FengHonourable mentionPiano Concerto - Primary (8 & below)
Summer LuThird PlacePiano Concerto - Junior (8 & below)
Kali McDonaldThird PlacePiano Level 5 - Group C
Rosie RankinHonourable mentionVoice Level 3 - Group A
Jayden SuHonourable mentionPiano Level 6 - Group D
Rachel WangHonourable mentionPiano Concerto - Elementary (9 & above)
Elissa WeiHonourable mentionPiano Diploma - Group A
Sophia XuFirst PlacePiano Level 6 - Group A
Cherilyn YanHonourable mentionPiano Diploma - Group B
Spencer YuanSecond PlacePiano Level 9 - List D
Serena ZhangHonourable mentionPiano Concerto - Junior (9 & above)
Serena ZhangHonourable mentionPiano Level 9 - List A

Thank you. File uploaded.

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