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Support the Music Festival

The Chatham Kiwanis Music Festival relies heavily on help from the community to make each festival a reality. We raise money through the fees for the classes, but that covers only part of the expenses.

If you are interested in helping us out, you can do so by cheque or by using your credit card.

There are two areas where we need financial help:

1. Friends of the Festival

Money from the Friends is used for the operational expenses that come with the organization of the Festival. The expenses, such as rental fees for the venues, renting and tuning of piano(s), and honorariums of the adjudicators. These donations are also tax deductible, so be sure to list your name and address for your receipt.

2. Award money

All the money that we receive, is returned in the form of awards for the winning students. If you like, your name will be listed in the program and/or syllabus. The donation is tax deductible, so please supply us with your name and address so we can send you this receipt.

Online donations

Like last year, we now use Stripe to collect payments. Payments are made by using your credit card. We will send out tax receipts by regular mail, so please include your postal address with your payment. Also, please let us know if we can include your name as donor in our Syllabus and Program by sending an email to consent@chathamkiwanis.com