CKMF Registration OPEN

The registration for the 78th Chatham Kiwanis Music Festival will open on November 15.

This year the registration period has been pushed back to allow the students, their teachers and parents more time to decide on the classes and the pieces to be performed. The deadline is now January 15, 2024. After that we will allow registrations for another week but with a late registration fee of 50%. The registration is handled through the Music Festival Suite (MFS) and you’ll find the link below.


The rules and regulations to participate in the Kiwanis Music Festival are listed in the syllabus. For your convenience the rules are also visible on the MFS site.


To register for classes you will have to have a profile with MFS, and you will receive a so-called profile ID. As a student, you will need to identify your teacher and your parent or caregiver. This is done through their profile ID’s. In other words, they will have to have a profile with MFS as well.

Good News

If you participated in the Festival last year, you already have a profile and you can just use that! Make sure though that the information is still up to date.


The creation of profiles turned out to be the stumbling block last year. It would be a good idea to start your profile as soon as you can so that there is ample time for help. Creating a profile is free and without any obligation.


There is a lot of help available, see the main Chatham Kiwanis Music Festival page. If you still run into an issue, send an email with your question to and we will try to answer it.

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