Congratulations, Cherilyn!

A big congratulations to this year’s Silver Tray winner, Cherilyn Yan, who won the Young-Ja Park Memorial Piano Competition at the London Kiwanis Music Festival last evening.  This award carries a $1000 prize, and Cherilyn was the only high school student competing among post-secondary pianists for this prize. Congratulations, Cherilyn! We are so proud that you got your start in the Chatham Kiwanis Music Festival so many years ago!

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Q1 Marketing Update for Canada

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library
Springs into Reading By Reaching
200 Million Books Gifted Milestone!

Thanks to our incredible Partners and organizations who are dedicated to inspiring a love of reading and early childhood literacy, Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library has once again seen significant growth in Q1, and continues to expand into more communities in five countries!

As of March 2023, we surpassed over 200 million books gifted globally since inception, with a program in every province and territory in Canada! We’re turning over this new chapter by kicking off a global 200 Million Book Celebration Campaign in June to build international awareness that not only celebrates this momentous milestone, but also drives enrollment during Q2 and Q3.

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Results Musical Theatre and Speech Arts Apr 17 2023

And finally the results of Musical Theatre and Speech Arts. This will conclude the Chatham Kiwanis Music Festival classes, until the Grand Concert (May 16, 2023) where the awards and trophies will be presented. More details to follow!

30000Jessica Chalmers92
30030Mazzelyn Galbraith 85
30030Vanessa Pisquem88
30030Orlagh Grochmal89
30030Leah Jackson86
30030Rosie Rankin90
30030Lucas Babich85
30030Grace Rumble 84
30030Hannah Lethbridge 85
30040Aden Babich85
30040Alex Monette84
30050Breya Blair86
30050Isla Bechard85
30100Jessica Chalmers90
30130Mazzelyn Galbraith 89
30130Vanessa Pisquem90
30130Orlagh Grochmal89
30130Lucas Babich87
30130Grace Rumble 87
30140Aden Babich86
30150Breya Blair84
30320Rosie Rankin88
30320Grace Rumble 86
30320Hannah Lethbridge 86
30330Alex Monette87
80710DACS Drama Club90
80730DACS Cameron and Law89
80740DACS Long and Cowan89
80750DACS Kemp and George-Brosh88
80760DACS McCabe and Filip/Lesy87

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Results Strings April 17 2023

The results of this year’s strings competition:

50040Natasha Morozova91
50050Natasha Morozova94
50060Natasha Morozova94
50070Natasha Morozova94
50260Henry Hill85
50270Georgie Biondi85
50270Naomi Card82
50270Hayden Hill84
50270Poppy Burke82
50290Evy White85
50440Serena Luth84
50460Henry Hill86
50470Georgie Biondi85
50470Naomi Card83
50470Hayden Hill84
50470Poppy Burke83
50490Evy White86
50640Serena Luth84
51900Hayden Smids85
51900Lily Burke87

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Results Vocal Apr 13

Here are the results from our Vocal Entries.

20430Orlagh Grochmal87
20450Hannah Lethbridge84
20530Orlagh Grochmal85
20610Mazzelyn Galbraith85
20630Orlagh Grochmal87
20640Vanessa Pisquem88
20650Lucas Babich85
20660Leah Jackson87
20680Aden Babich88
20810Mazzelyn Galbraith87
20840Vanessa Pisquem90
20850Rosie Rankin88
21010Mazzelyn Galbraith85
21030Orlagh Grochmal86
21040Vanessa Pisquem84
21050Hannah Lethbridge88
21050Rosie Rankin87
21060Leah Jackson86
21080Aden Babich87
21100Isla Bechard88
21230Orlagh Grochmal86
21240Vanessa Pisquem89
21250Lucas Babich86
21280Alex Monette85
21640Orlagh Grochmal90

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Results Piano Apr 12

Here are the results from the second day of piano competitions.

40200Spencer Yuan82
40200Serena Zhang81
40300Spencer Yuan82
40300Serena Zhang82
40400Serena Zhang81
40430Sophia Xu83
40520Linhan Xue80
40540Sophia Xu80
40550William Trinh80
40550Will Rankin82
40550Leo Trinh81
40710Linhan Xue81
40710Lauren Browne80
40730Sophia Xu81
40740Rosie Rankin82
40740Leo Trinh81
40800Thianna Ngo80
40800Spencer Yuan82
40800Serena Zhang81
40810Linhan Xue81
40810Lauren Browne82
40830Sophia Xu82
40840William Trinh83
40840Kali McDonald85
40930Sophia Xu85
41210Serena Zhang80
41220Lauren Browne80
41240Sophia Xu84
41310Lauren Browne80
41600Allison Heyink82
45330Logan Torrance80
45330Jack Biondi82
45330Evan Koscielski88
45330Alexis Woods77
45330Adrian Kaminski81
45340Ethan Duphette84
45340Easton Charron78
45480Logan Torrance81
45480Jack Biondi82
45480Evan Koscielski84
45480Adrian Kaminski81
45670Joshua Lee81
45880Logan Torrance81
45880Joshua Lee77
45880Jack Biondi83
45880Evan Koscielski84
45880Adrian Kaminski81
45890Liam DePass86
45890Ethan Duphette85
45980Jack Biondi81
45980Evan Koscielski83
45980Alexis Woods78
46760Maddison McFadden86
46770Meg Patterson81
46780Maddison McFadden84
46800Kaitlyn Cowan86
46800Evan DePass82
46800Chin Chin Muang82
46800Aidan Koscielski81
46810Chin Chin Muang83
46810Aidan Koscielski81
46830Evan DePass80
46830Chin Chin Muang88
46830Aidan Koscielski83
46880Ryker McDonald86
46890Thomas Pegg82
46890Mya Woodall80
46900Mia McLauchlin90
46920Ryla Babin81
46920Mia McLauchlin83
46920Lennard Zomerman80
46930Mya Woodall78
46930Mia McLauchlin82
46930Lennard Zomerman78
47100Ava Zondervan81
47110Madeleine Easter84
47110Ava Zondervan82
Senior piano are classes 40000-44000
Junior piano are classes 45000-49000

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Results Piano Apr 11

The first results are in for junior and senior piano. Please find them below in order of class number.

40010Zilan Ye80
40020Cherilyn Yan83
40020Dorothy Li81
40040Cherilyn Yan84
40050Cherilyn Yan85
40050Zilan Ye80
40070Cherilyn Yan82
40080Dorothy Li82
40120Elissa Wei80
40170Elissa Wei81
40310Linhan Xue81
40310Lauren Browne80
40410Lauren Browne80
40440William Trinh82
40440Rosie Rankin81
40440Leo Trinh80
40500Serena Zhang80
40510Spencer Yuan81
40530Tim Xing78
40600Lauren Browne80
40700Spencer Yuan82
40700Serena Zhang81
40700Thianna Ngo80
40720Tim Xing80
40820Tim Xing81
40900Serena Zhang81
40900Thianna Ngo80
40910Lauren Browne83
40910Linhan Xue82
40940Will Rankin84
40940William Trinh83
40940Leo Trinh83
41300Serena Zhang80
41690Makayla Wilson80
41700Makayla Wilson80
42000Allison Heyink80
45450Margaret Whitelaw84
45450Cristelle Suffi82
45460Yolanda Yuan86
45460Olivia Boulley83
45460Jackson Torrance82
45470Georgie Biondi88
45490Easton Charron80
45560Margaret Whitelaw85
45570Yolanda Yuan88
45570Jackson Torrance82
45570Sebastian Kaminski78
45580Georgie Biondi85
45650Yolanda Yuan85
45650Tommy Grochmal83
45680Ethan Duphette82
45760Ben Easter83
45760Sebastian Kaminski80
45850Margaret Whitelaw85
45850Cristelle Suffi81
45860Yolanda Yuan88
45860Tommy Grochmal82
45860Ben Easter 82
45870Georgie Biondi88
45870Heather Cowan87
45870Gemmalynn Chinnick78
45950Cristelle Suffi83
45960Yolanda Yuan84
45960Olivia Boulley83
45960Jackson Torrance82
45970Georgie Biondi81
45970Gemmalynn Chinnick78
45990Liam DePass86
45990Ethan Duphette85
45990Easton Charron80
46130Georgie Biondi and Mia McLauchlin82
46350Margaret Whitelaw86
46360Yolanda Yuan88
46720Joshua Kosik84
46720Samarth Vyas83
46730Samarth Vyas83
46730Blake ODonohue80
46750Samarth Vyas84
46750Tara Wilson81
46750Blake ODonohue80
46775Stephanie Peltier82
46790Jaelyn McDonald84
46790Hannah Cowan82
46790Meg Patterson80
47030Samarth Vyas84
47030Tara Wilson82
47030Joshua Kosik81
47040Jaelyn McDonald82
47040Lily Babin81
47040Mila Urie80
47050Aidan Koscielski83
47050Chin Chin Muang82
47060Ryker McDonald88
47060Alexis Price83
47060Aelwen Clarke83
47060Colton Gamble81
47070Mia McLauchlin85
47070Mya Woodall78
Senior piano are classes 40000-44000
Junior piano are classes 45000-49000

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Bus Excursion – RENT

Tuesday, June 6 – Stratford Festival $240

Rent – Set in Manhattan in the 1990s and inspired by Puccini’s opera La Bohème, this rock musical by Jonathan Larson follows a group of young East Village artists, performers and philosophers as they struggle through the hardships of poverty, societal discord and the AIDS epidemic in the search for life, love and art. With a song list that includes the iconic “Seasons of Love,” Rent tells a story as relevant today as when it took Broadway by storm more than 25 years ago.

Trip Includes: Great Canadian Holiday coach from Chatham departing at 9:45 a.m. travelling directly to the Queens’ Inn for a buffet lunch, 2:00 p.m. matinee with A+ seats at the Festival Theatre, returning to Chatham around 7:45 with comfort stop at OnRoute service centre.

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