First results are in!

Here are the results of the vocal classes held April 2 at Holy Trinity. The results are presented in class number order.

20120Orlagh Grochmal86
20500Mazzelyn Galbraith84
20520Orlagh Grochmal85
20620Orlagh Grochmal85
20630Vanessa Pisquem87
20680Alcina Wojkowski87
20850Leah Jackson86
20880Myrah Declerk85
20920Vanessa Pisquem87
21000Mazzelyn Galbraith86
21030Vanessa Pisquem87
21040Lucas Babich85
21040Hannah Lethbridge86
21050Leah Jackson87
21070Aden Babich88
21080Alcina Wojkowski85
21090Rowen Chapple85
21200Mazzelyn Galbraith86
21230Vanessa Pisquem88
21240Lucas Babich85
21270Aden Babich87
21280Myrah Declerk85
21630Orlagh Grochmal85
21710Aden Babich, Lucas Babich88